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Banding Groove Battens

DeGroat Industrial Group's banding groove products allow banding to be placed around an item at your specification. In doing this, the band will not slip or damage the product while being transported. This also aids in secure stacking.

Banding groove products can be custom manufactured for your packaging needs, from hardwood, softwood, or panel products.

We have the ability to accommodate single or multiple truckload orders.

DeGroat Industrial Group can offer a variety of solutions to help you find the most efficient way to package your product based on cut length, groove size, and weight requirements.

Kiln Sticks

DeGroat Industrial Group stocks Kiln Sticks, a specialty product that divides lumber units during the kiln drying process. This allows for even heating and also moisture reduction.

The kiln drying process heats lumber products to a specified temperature. This removes moisture and eliminates insect infestation.

Regardless of your requirements, DeGroat Industrial Group has the resources and knowledge to fulfill your specific needs.

Crating Materials

DeGroat Industrial Group works with hardwood, softwood, and a variety of panel products to make quality crating applications.

With our excellent remanufacturing capabilities, no matter the size of the project, we can produce a custom crate of the highest quality.

Depending on your specific requirements, we can produce any volume of crates from a small order to multiple truckload orders.

DeGroat Industrial Group realizes that no two applications are alike, so we can be as diverse as your needs.

Pallet & Skid Parts

DeGroat Industrial Group has fully operational manufacturing facilities, capable of performing all of the necessary lumber cuts to create any pallet or skid parts you need.

Whether your requirement is a standard 1x4-40", or a more complex 2x3-54" with notching for 4-way entry, we have the equipment and man-power to meet all of your lumber needs.

We maintain top-of-the-line saw equipment that allows our facilities to customize and manufacture both softwood and hardwood deck boards and stringers to your desired thickness and width.

With DeGroat Industrial Group's multiple locations, diverse manufacturing capabilities, and vast lumber experience, our sales representatives will be able to provide your company with quality customized pallet & skid components at a competitive price.

Quality Products from DeGroat Industrial Group
Quality Products from DeGroat Industrial Group

Custom Products

DeGroat Industrial Group is committed to providing quality excellence for every custom packaging solution.

Your needs are unique, and we understand that. Our operations are able to provide custom cutting, notching, drilling and nailing for our valued customers. Our highly qualified, dedicated sales representatives will help design your custom cut product, packaging or lumber need.

Depending on your requirements, we can produce any volume of crates, boxes, pallets, or more. As your needs grow, we can match one to multiple truckload orders.

We are certified to design, cut, and provide an ISPM-15/Heat Treated stamp to each piece of lumber for your needs.

DeGroat Industrial Group will help develop a custom solution to meet your specific requirements.