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Great Hardwood Selection

DeGroat Industrial Group is also a major supplier of hardwood shipping timbers, dunnage, blocking, cribbage, lagging and pipe bunks. Our customers use our hardwood for storage and shipping.


We offer a diverse range of cuts for our excellent timbers, to match small or large needs. Ask one of our knowledgable staff for more information.

Variety of Hardwood Species

No matter the hardwood species required, DeGroat Industrial Group can match your needs.


  • Southern Yellow Pine, Hardwoods, Fir
  • Lagging
  • Crane Mats

Great Softwood Selection

Purchasing Relationships:

DeGroat Industrial Group maintains relationships with many major forest products manufacturers. We always have a reliable supply of quality softwood lumber.

Species Variety

Southern pine may constitute the majority of our softwood business, but we also utilize large volumes of western and Canadian species, such as spruce and fir.

No matter the species, DeGroat Industrial Group can match your needs.

ISPM-15/Heat Treated

DeGroat Industrial Group can provide Pest Resistant (ISPM-15) and Heat Treated (HT) stamped lumber.

Our Crates & Boxes

Quality Products from DeGroat Industrial Group

Industrial Panel Products

Quality Products from DeGroat Industrial Group

Large Supply

Through carefully negotiated contracts and long term panel mill relationships, we are able to ensure our customers a reliable supply of utility grade and on-grade panel products.


We are capable of handling multi-carload shipments, cut-to-size orders and less than truckload quantities.

Variety Of Panel Products

Our facilities and distribution centers routinely offer the following products:

  • Grade/Mill Cert/Shop Plywood
  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
  • Composite And Particle Board
  • Sidings And LVL Board
  • Fir & Yellow Pine Plywood
  • Fall Down Import Plywood
  • Oversize Panels

Whatever your requirements, let DeGroat Industrial Group meet your needs.