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Crates & Containers

  • Wood Crates & Boxes
  • Custom Engineered Crates
  • ISPM-15/Heat Treated Crates
  • Knock Down And Reusable
  • Crates
  • Military And Government Crates

Pallets & Skids

  • Custom Pallets
  • Custom Engineered Pallets
  • ISPM-15/Heat Treated Pallets & Skids
  • Repair & Return Programs
  • Performance Rated Pallets


  • Company Standards
  • Industry Standards
  • Government Standards
  • Mill-Spec Standards
  • ASTM Standards

Custom Wood Crates & Boxes

Our boxes and crates are built from varying species and grades. Thanks to this, we can create a unique crate or box to effectively ship your product.

Open air, solid or slatted crates can be built to specifications by size and/or weight, in high and low volumes, all dependent on your needs and requirements.

Our sales and production team can also offer suggestions to aid in designing the best packing solution.

Heat Treated & Reusable

We provide Pest resistant (ISPM-15) and Heat Treated (HT) stamped wood crates that meet all export shipping requirements, nationally and internationally.

We offer shipping crate parts assembled in a "kit" format. Maximizing storage space.

Military/Government Crates

We can build specialty crates & skids to meet the specifications of the military & U.S. Government. This includes export requirements and adherence to strict on-grade requirements.

Crating Lumber

  • HT Spruce Dimension Lumber
    • Spruce, Pine, Hem Fir, Doug Fir
  • Industrial Boards
    • Yellow Pine, Spruce, Hardwoods
  • Industrial Squares & Runners
  • Resawn Spruce
  • Mixed Hardwoods - Pallet Stock
  • Utility & Economy
  • All Species & Most Sizes

Our Crates & Boxes

Quality Products from DeGroat Industrial Group

Our Pallets & Skits

Quality Products from DeGroat Industrial Group

Custom Pallets

We build standard two-way, four-way, solid deck, and block pallets, and more.

We will custom build any pallet type to your specifications for species, size, and weight, and other specifications you might have.

Our pallets are designed by our trained team for efficiency and to meet the maximum truck space. Products are built to order, but can also be built and stored until you need them.

ISPM-15/Heat Treated Pallets & Skids

We provide Pest resistant (ISPM-15) and Heat Treated (HT) stamped pallets.

Our export lumber certification stamps will allow your products to move across borders without delay, keeping things moving in a timely and safe manner of delivery for your customers.

Customer Repair

By reusing old pallets we can offset the cost of new ones. This is an an economical and efficient practice that shouldn't be overlooked. Recycled pallets can be redesigned to meet your specific needs.

For more helpful information about our wood and pallets, check out this .pdf.